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Get help paying hospital bills with Medicare supplement plan that are customized to suit your needs. Don't leave your health to chance!


  • Multiple plans to select the coverage to best fit your needs

  • Choice of Physicians and Specialists

  • Option to use any hospital or medical facility

Getting a Medicare insurance plan just got easier with us around to help you out in Unionville, PA.

Medicare part D plans allow citizens over the age 65 to choose from a number of prescription drug plans (PDPs) that offer a set of basic prescription services.


  • Coverage available for everyone with Medicare

Get personalized Medicare insurance services in Unionville, PA from the friendly staff at Life and Health Insurance Services, inc. Get help with your medical insurance needs.

Call and speak with us for details on Medicare!


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Medicare part D plans

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Don't Delay Getting Medicare Insurance!

Never compromise on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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