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The future is a very uncertain place - why take the risk of entering it without smart investments? Get the right life insurance policy from Life and Health Insurance Services, inc for your future. Get competitive individual term life rates and whole life rates!

  • Save up for the future

  • Save on tax deductions

  • Get a steady stream of income

  • A more secure future

We're your one-stop shop for all insurance related services. Speak with us for assistance with life insurance.

  • Get risk cover

  • Safe investment for the future

  • Profitable long-term investment

  • Tax benefits

Don't wait till it's too late! Contact us right away for comprehensive life insurance policies and annuities in Unionville, PA and the surrounding areas.

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Get a Life Insurance Plan Right Away!

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Get the Dual Advantage of Saving and Security!

Get a life insurance plan right away!

  • Lincoln National

  • Banner Life

  • Protective

  • Prudential

  • Mass Mutual

Life insurance

Our markets include industry leaders for Term, Whole Life and Universal Life

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