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Group insurance covers a defined group of people, like the employees of a particular employer or the members of an association. Call on the friendly staff at Life and Health Insurance Services, inc to get a group insurance cover right away!

Ensure that all of your employees are covered under the group insurance for their benefit. Get the benefit of having a carefree work experience.

Get the comprehensive insurance

services that you deserve right here in Unionville, PA!

Plans are available for employers with 2 or more employees

Get the help needed to set up a group insurance policy for employees or members of any association in Unionville, PA. Call and speak with our friendly staff right away.

Call and speak with our staff for any assistance!


Why is Group Insurance Important?

A blanket coverage plan

Group Insurance

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Every Individual Deserves Safety and Security

The go-to group health insurance agents in Unionville, PA

  • Group medical

  • Group life

  • Group disability

  • Voluntary Benefits